Lubomír Zubor

Cvikovska 300

471 52   Sloup v Cechach

Czech Republic


tel./FAX: +420 487 753 559

mobil: +420 777 133 051





Lubomir Zubor born April 10th 1967

in Ceska Lipa, Czech Republic


     In bold combining the traditional Glass Engraving with modern Design, and in constant seeking for the pure esthetic Style, while putting the Emphasis on the Function of the Glass Stemware, found Master Engraver Lubomir Zubor the Basic Stones for his Art Work. We could trace an Effort of Expressing himself, the Struggle to find his very own Way, in every single Activity of his. He is projecting own artistic Vision in to the Craft evolving in Europe for Centuries. He graduated from the Technical High School of Tradi-tional Czech Engraving in 1986, being awarded as the Best Student.
For short time period he had col-lected experiences working with renowned Glass Engraving Company Eggerman. In 1990 he has founded his own Glass Work Shop, which endeavored good name delivering the high Quality of Original Engravings, having Designs Copyrighted.
     With the time his Style became easy to recognize for combining the traditional technologies of "sliding engraving", "lined design" and high quality of "tinted luster". His Stemware Collections for Prague Hotels as Four Seasons, Corinthia Towers, Don Giovanni are favored as well as his original Designs and Artwork for Special Occasions. His work is sold in wide assortment by Astera Company all over the world including USA and Far East to name some of them. Commercial success did not stop our Master Engraver from his Design Work, which is well documented by his cooperation with well known Designers at home and abroad. It is also documented by his own Designs and Decor.


From the History:


  • Participating in Prestigious International Exhibitions in Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Milan, Utrecht, Prague.
  • Design the Prize for MISS WORLD of hearing impaired in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005.
  • Design the Prize for different occasions as "The Pot of   Laughter" in Nove Mesto and National Prize in Poetry   Reading/Jozef Capek Prize.
  • Design and Artwork for International Dance Competition.
  • Honor present for world beloved Tom Jones at the occasion  of his Prague concert.


Specimen of the wares